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HHF Natural Wellness Health Beauty Oils of Indian origin are manufactured of effective Organic, Herbal, pure Vegetarian essential oils blend, alternative health traditional aromatherapycomplementary for safe healthy living.

Holistic Health Organization Structure

A small - scale cottage establishment with dedicated Team of Pharmacists (BAMS), Quality Control Inspectors (B. Pharm.), Electrical Engineers, Skilled persons & I.T. Specialists.

HHF Herbal Oils are Hand Processed and blended after meditation andpackaged in hygienic& unpolluted environment.

Man Health, Woman Beauty - Herbal Products Range

Traditional Herbal Products Manufacturing Equipments

Stove, S.S. Vessel, S.S. Storage Containers, OilFiltration M/c, FillingM/c, Labeling M/c, Sealing & Box Packing, Generator (Power back-up),Weighing Scales, Fire Fighting Eqpt. , Sundry equipments.

Organic Essential Oil Testing Equipments

Arrival atHHF Lab involves checking of all parameters.Essential-oil blending operations are silently carried out in unpolluted environment and monitored for consistency.The resultant natural product i.e. HHF Herbal Oils are tested using Standard Gas Chromatography Testing (GCMS) and for conformity toHHFs own standards of accumulated knowledge.

Blends are subjected to Toxicological Tests to ensure free from harmful foreign matter, contaminants if any are within general limits & liquid-oil is non-irritant when tested as per IS: 4011.

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Quality Control

 The proportion of HHF procurement of essential-oil aromatherapy and herbs are based on well-analyzed samples before shipment from origin.

Alternative Health, Natural Beauty - R & D

 Formulation of new herbal oils takes place at the Foundations own Research & Development lab, which is an integral part of HHF in maintaining market position.

 Extensive analysis and testing are pursued by Chief Herbalist alongwith Ayurvedic Acharyas for developing new herbal beauty and fitness products.


Natural Botanical Purity Assurance

 HHF Herbal Oil for Healthy Weight , Muscle Fitness , Sleep Aid , Massage Therapy , Hair Growth , Beauty Therapy are formulated based on Ayurvedic principles, well-analyzed samples from origin monitored for consistency and are well documented by extensive research.

Useful for all age unisex groups, toxicologically proven and that are neither medicine nor cosmetic. 

Organic Herbal Occupational Users

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) together with modern Equipments, advanced Gas Chromatography Testing (GCMS), Toxicological Tests as per IS 4011 to ensure natural herbal oil as safe accounts for endorsement by Practitioners and regular use by different men & women depending upon individuals constitution stated below :-

Therapists, Ayurvedic Professionals, Acupuncturists, Rehabilitation Experts, Physiotherapists, Massage Experts, Nutritionists, Reflexologists, Naturopaths, Personal Trainers, Beauty Experts, Military Personnel, Sports Coach, Call Center / Computer / IT Professionals, Agriculturists, Bakers, Ministers, Entertainers & numerous people.

Disclaimer : These statements and products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.





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